Since 1998, Sonic Plastics has delivered high quality blow mold products to clients throughout the world. As part of our promise of quality, our quality assurance team inspects each product to ensure that its integrity, consistency, and form exceeds your expectations. To achieve your high standards we use only the best machinery, molds, and plastics to make your finished product perfect. Sonic Plastics was founded in 1998 by Allan Kerr. In 2003 Martin Snow bough the business from Kerr while Kerr was still a part of the business for a number of years. In 2014 Sonic Plastics went through a large management change when Markus Josephson became General Manager. At the end of 2017 Sonic Plastics moved a mile down the road to where it sits today in order to consolidate into one 47,000 sqft building after growth had expanded them into three separate buildings for a number of years. We are strong as ever and always looking forward to working with new companies and clients. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your company and to experience our exceptional quality and customer service.


Custom Mold Design and Manufacturing

Have a need for something special? We can make anything from the most standard Wide Mouth Jar to a rocket. We have our own Machine Shop located less than a mile away that is able to design and manufacture bottle molds. This prevents you waiting months on an out of state, or worse yet, out of country machine shop just to get the molds made.

Delivery or Pickup

We can deliver to local destinations (Utah) by the truck load. If you are out of state you can arrange pickup at our manufacturing plant. Our building has easy access to 5 auto-leveling loading bays to always accommodate trucks and trailers.


Custom Colors

Our main bottles colors are White, Black, and Natural. We are able to make bottles in any custom color you want if the order quantity is high enough. 

Custom Weight

Do you prefer your bottles weight a certain amount? We can custom make bottles heavier or lighter depending on your perferences. 


FDA Approved

All of our bottles are FDA approved for food grade use. They are ready to be filled with anything you want from vitamins and supplements to shampoo and conditioner.